Sunbelt Personal Firewall


Sunbelt Personal Firewall is a firewall that will protect your network connection from dangerous viruses. Download Sunbelt Personal Firewall to your PC free

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Sunbelt Personal Firewall is a development to avoid any kind of problem that may appear due to inbound and outbound data traffic. It's a solution that is much more versatile and efficient than the firewall included in the Windows operating system, that is rather annoying and unpractical.

  This tool has a simple interface despite having several sections and menus from which we can configure its behavior.

  Its most noteworthy features are:

  - Filter for the inbound and outbound data traffic.

  - Browser protection mode, with which we can avoid attacks from malicious websites.

  - Doesn't affect the PC's performance or our Internet connection.

  - Tool to manage rules.

  Discover one of the most stable and versatile protection tools on the market, thanks to Sunbelt Personal Firewall. A development that will help you to protect your computer from attacks on the Internet.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Kerio Technologies Inc.
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