Control your schedule with Sunbird, the organizer by Mozilla. Your appointments and tasks will always be organized by downloading Sunbird for free

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During the year we have personal and professional appointments that are always convenient to write down somewhere so as not to forget them. Sunbird is an organizer based on the Mozilla Calendar that, unlike the latter, doesn't integrate with Firefox or with Thunderbird and works as a completely independent application.

One of the most complete task organizers, with the guarantees of Mozilla

Thus, it has countless additional functions that make it one of the most complete calendar and organizer applications that exist. With a design that's similar to the rest of Mozilla products, with Sunbird we can program events and tasks at several levels (day, week, month and multiple weeks); associate attached files, e-mail addresses, and categories; we can also invite our contacts to events and specific tasks or share calendars with them.

The program allows us to establish various privacy levels in each of the entries, to avoid that anyone snoops about our personal engagements. Through Sunbird we can subscribe to remote calendars, whether on our own PC or through a private LAN or Internet.

It's compatible with the most widespread formats: iCalendar (ICS), CalDAV and Sun Java System Calendar Server (WCAP), allowing us to access the biggest quantity of online calendars. Sunbird allows us to publish our own calendars and export them to be opened in other applications.

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Antony Peel
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