Super Browse for Netflix


With Super Browse for Netflix you can access the secret system used by the service to organize its contents being able to find any of them much faster

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At this point, there's no need for us to tell you what Netflix is all about because it's probably already your best ally before going to bed, every Saturday night that you don't fancy going out or Sunday afternoon on the sofa with your blanket and really bad hangover from that one Saturday that you did go out.

As you know, the service's app comes along with versions for PC, iOS or Android, as well as a web version, which is compatible with any platform including Mac and Linux. And for such purpose, we can download an extension for Google Chrome that expands and improves the functions of the web application. We're talking about Super Browse for Netflix.

Improve your search for contents

It helps you to correct the shortages that a group of developers has found in the webapp of the company that offers us drugs in the form of online movies and series via streaming. No more endless scrolls to find the movie or series you were looking for, basically because it offers you an advanced menu on the upper part of the screen that allows you access the secret system with which this platform organizes its contents internally. In other words, we can carry out much more adjusted searches by introducing certain terms that wouldn't return any results in the normal menu.

Are you into fake documentaries? Social dramas? Rubbish comedies? You'll find it all right away.

But there's some bad news as well: it's not free. There's no freemium version at all, so you're going to have to pull your hand out of your pocket if you want to make the most of its functions. The price to be paid is under two dollars, so it might be worth it if you consider that your user experience is going to be greatly improved. However, stop searching for porn because there isn't any, with or without extension.

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