Super Clicks


Super Clicks offers great entertainment in a very simple way. Download Super Clicks and eliminates the pieces of the same color with less mouse clicks

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Super Clicks is one of those games that is so simple that is looks boring, but once you start playing you can't stop. Its objective: eliminate all the pieces from the screen with the least amount of mouse clicks. And to eliminate all the pieces you have to click on the groups of two or more elements of the same color. Will you be capable of beating all the records?

  The game's screen appears full of objects of different colors. There can be balls, numbers, squares or other elements. You mission is to eliminate all of them with as few clicks as possible. To make them disappear you have to click on one of them to make all those identical that are around it to disappear. But only the groups of two or more objects will disappear. It may seem simple, but you won't always manage to make all of them disappear.

  What's more, Super Clicks includes an application with which you will be able to customize the game interface by yourself.

  Test yourself with Super Clicks and eliminate all the balls with the least amount of clicks.
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