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Super Grid Run Lite is an entertaining arcade game. And addictive old-school title that you can download for free to your Android smartphone or tablet

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Retro arcade games have got something that calls the attention of all the gamers from my generation. And it looks like all those smart-ass Android application developers have noticed this fact.

Super Grid Run Lite is yet another one of these games. With a design based on lines, a scenario with a vanishing point, basic plain colors, polygons that pretend to be 3D and that tiresome music that's so typical of arcade machines, this free demo of Retro Arcade Super Grid Run Lite is here to offer you a new vice.

Free demo version of the stunning Run Runner Retro Arcade.

Retro arcade games are different to modern ones due to their difficulty curve. To complete an old game you had to put in a lot of effort, learn and improve. Modern video games can be much more confusing in terms of aesthetics, but almost anyone can complete them. If you were to give any Amstrad game to a modern kid, he'd probably be entertained for five minutes and then move onto the next one. Super Grid Run Lite follows suit to those old-school games with simple scenarios but with a gameplay that's going to require all your concentration.

What's the goal of Super Grid Run Lite?

Well, exactly the same goal as in life: to survive. The longer you last, the higher your score will be. You'll control a cube that moves around randomly at full speed leaving behind colored crumbs while you try to avoid crashing into other static and moving cubes, while you collect a time bonus. And that's it, just download the APK from the Play Store, but be careful because it's addictive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.0.1.
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