Super Mario Bros: Odyssey

Thanks to Super Mario Bros: Odyssey for Windows you can now play the classic platform game once again, but with new elements and improved playability

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Super Mario Bros: Odyssey is a fan-game based on the classic Nintendo title. With all the elements of the original game, you'll be back in a new adventure featuring the two most famous plumbers of the video game world, but with new concepts that many gamers felt were missing.

A classic plot with improved playability

This time around, Bowser and his Koopa tribe have kidnapped Princess Peach and invaded the Mushroom Kingdom, causing havoc and terror. The bad news has reached Mario and Luigi, who can't turn their back on the kingdom and will embark on an adventure to rescue the princess and bring peace back to this land.

A Super Mario remake that's really worth downloading.

The truth is that up to here it may seem that the story's isn't too different from the original plot. But now we've got the chance to choose with which one of the brothers we want to play, Mario or Luigi, and we'll find new elements that improve the playability and user experience: new levels, the possibility to climb walls as if we were real parkour experts, giant coins and special screens.

All these elements will make playing SMB: Odyssey on our Windows computer a unique experience that we can't miss out on.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows XP.
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