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SuperBeam is the application with which you can transfer files without cables from Mac to other computers or phones by connecting to the same WiFi network

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There are different ways of sharing files between devices, for instance, between a phone and a Mac. You can do so by means of USB cables or sharing the files on an online storage service of the likes of Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. However, that isn't as comfortable as we'd like... we have to muck around with cables or leave our documents on a server controlled by a third party with the privacy risks that that entails.

How to transfer files between macOS and Android without an Internet connection

Luckily enough, we can make use of programs of the likes of SuperBeam, a software that we can use to send files in all sorts of formats from a smartphone to a computer in an easy and fast manner. For such purpose, we only need to generate a QR code or a link to share it with the receiving device:

  • With a QR code: choose the file or files to be sent and generate the code. If you've installed the app on your smartphone, just scan the code to start downloading the files.
  • With a URL: send the URL to the device and from the latter you can download the files without needing to install the app.

The only requirement is that both devices that are going to share the file are connected to the same WiFi network because that's the channel over which the transfer is going to be carried out. Thus, you can avoid sharing those files with third parties, such as cloud storage options that you don't have control of.

No cables, no Internet: just a WiFi connection.

There are versions of SuperBeam for Windows PC, Linux, and Android, apart from Mac, being compatible with all of them. The iOS version is in the works, and for the time being, we can make the post of all these functions that are expanded in its Pro version:

  • Share files between your Mac and Android without cables or an Internet connection.
  • Compatible with different formats: videos, photos, documents, music...
  • Transfers carried out by generating QR codes or download links.

Apart from being on the same wireless network, you'll also need to have Java installed on your computer.

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