SuperF4 is a great application that allows to kill any process with a click of the mouse. Thus, SuperF4 will get rid of any application that has frozen

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The majority of users have at least seen the famous and feared “This program no longer responds” window. In those moments, that application has frozen and it is impossible to save the progress completed in a project or save the screen in the case of playing a game. And to make matters even worse, it is impossible to close the application.

Kill processes immediately

SuperF4 solves this great inconvenience because once the problematic application has been selected, it will allow you to kill the process by simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+F4 or by means of the xkill option. Unlike other methods like Task Manager “Finish process” (that you can access by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Supr or Ctrl+Alt+Esc) or the Alt+F4 shortcut that closes the current window, SuperF4 is really efficient, quickly eliminating any process.

Once installed, the program's icon is lodged in the system tray to provide easy access to it. By right-clicking on it it will be possible to modify the configuration options. From that moment onwards, you will be capable of eliminating any process that has frozen, with the only precaution of marking the corresponding application that you want to eliminate with the skull that appears when you choose the xkill option.

With SuperF4, you may not be able to forget about the work that you have lost, but you will be able to return your computer to normality in a matter of seconds and restart your work.

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Scott McLure
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