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You have to download SuperTux for Linux if you like playing 2D platform games such as Mario Bros. With SuperTux you can have fun in classic format

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Tux, the official Linux penguin mascot, returns in the videogame SuperTux. It's a classic 2D platform game, very similar to Mario Bros, that's going to delight the fans of this type of arcade games.

Help the penguin Tux to rescue Penny

The plot of SuperTux, in which the main character has to rescue his girlfriend Penny from the clutches of his enemy, isn't very innovating. But without a doubt the formula of this type of games has been successful for many years. To accomplish your mission, you will have to cover and complete levels full of enemies and obstacles that will try to stop you, without any other weapon than your skill.


  • Nine enemies.
  • Twenty six levels full of hazards and traps.
  • Controlled with the keyboard or joystick.
  • Redesigned graphics.
  • Well-developed soundtrack that accompanies the action perfectly at each moment.

A never-ending formula

SuperTux is yet another example of a videogame format that is a source of never-ending success, despite the years that have gone by. Since the appearance of Mario Bros, many other similar games have been launched, and although they haven't reached the success of the latter, they do have legions of followers that never get bored of playing them time after time. Download SuperTux for Linux and check it out yourself.

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