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SuperTuxKart is the open-source alternative to Mario Kart and is a kart racing game featuring Tux and a bunch of other mascots from the world of freeware

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Games like SuperTuxKart need no introduction. The open-source version of Super Mario Kart lands on Android, but instead of featuring the famous Nintendo plumber, it features Linux's super-famous mascot, Tux. But the most famous penguin in the software universe will not be alone in this kart racing game because we will also find other mascots of certain renown, like Thunderbird, Emule, Pidgin and Gnu.

If you have already played the desktop version for Windows, macOS or Linux, there is not much new to tell you, and even if you haven't played it you are almost certainly familiar with the game launched for SNES in around 1992. For those who have been on another planet for the past 20 years, SuperTuxKart is not your typical racing game, but one where all kinds of chicanery and cheating are valid, including using weapons to defeat your opponent.

Main features

  • Four game modes: story mode, single-player mode, split-screen multi-player mode and online mode.
  • Different variations of the single-player mode: normal race, against the clock, follow the leader, soccer, egg-hunting, ghost race...
  • Four difficulty levels: rookie, intermediate, expert and SuperTux.
  • 18 characters from the world of open-source software.
  • 18 race tracks and 6 combat arenas for the battle modes.
  • Different systems for driving: overlay buttons, gyroscope or a virtual steering wheel.
  • Add-ons for extending game features and adding new characters, cars and tracks.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
6 months ago
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