SurDoc is a free online storage system that is very easy to use. After you download SurDoc for free on your computer your data will be safe from accidents

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Online storage services are becoming more popular each day, with new companies and systems appearing on the market each month, and one of the latest is SurDoc.

Store the files of your choice

Using SurDoc is very simple, because the user will only have to choose which files he/she wants to create the backup of on the cloud, and the rest of the process will take place practically automatically.

The buttons available in SurDoc are basically reduced to accessing the data stored in the user account, creating a data backup and restoring the data in question, because the other buttons available are only there so you can know what files are stored on the cloud and view the file transfer process.

Therefore, if you want to have access to an online storage service on the cloud that offers you the possibility to create backups of your data in a very easy manner, you only have to download SurDoc.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download is an installer that requires an active Internet connection to install the application.
  • You need to create a free account to use the service.
  • The free storage space is limited to 10 GB.
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Antony Peel
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