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Surfboard provides a clear way to read the contents of any website. Surfboard presents the information like a newspaper and only loads essential info

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If when your browse over Internet through your favorite websites you are tired of finding publicity or other elements which make it difficult to read their contents, you should use Surfboard. It is a solution which will provide you a much more comfortable access to the website simulating reading a newspaper.

Surfboard is an application which will allow you to browse the website of your choice and check all its contents very quickly. It only has a directly influence over published contents, thus avoiding the rest of elements of HTML code which form part of the pages.

All that will be necessary will be to input the URL of the website of your choice in the address bar, because after this it will present all of its contents. This is way you will be able to browse though it as if dealing with newspaper pages and they will be placed chronologically, from newest to oldest. To move through the only website you will have to press the arrows place at the bottom and whenever you want to access any contents you will only have to click on it. This will open into an emerging window which you will be able to close whenever you want to return to the page from which you accessed. What's more, Surfboard is capable of improving the last pages to which you have accessed so that you can use it commonly in as little time as possible.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To work in an optimum way it is advisable to use it on the Safari browser.
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