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Surfly is a platform that allows several users to browse the Internet together. With Surfly you will be able to see how other people browse the Internet

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There are many situations in which we need help when it comes to browsing a certain web page, to carry out a registry or to purchase something on the Internet, for instance. For these cases, Surfly will be very useful, as it is a free online that enables shared browsing, in other words, you can browse a website while another user watches your movements.

Browse the web together. From wherever you are.

How Surfly works

After accessing Surfly, you need to create a free user registry with an email address. Once created, we can login with our user name and password, and we'll start our session:

  • Indicate the address of the web page we're going to browse.
  • We will be sent a link which we should to send to the person we want to browse with.
  • That person will access the web through that link and will be able to view everything we do.
  • We can also change the web page, and we'll have another link to be sent.

Surfly allows you to browse together with other users as easy as possible.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a free registry.
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