Survivalcraft 2 Android

Survivalcraft 2 is an alternative to Minecraft for Android devices, a construction game with the trendiest pixellated graphics and loads of fun on offer

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Some years ago, the more realistic the graphics of a game were, the more we loved it. And now that we're almost at a realistic level on consoles and computers, we've started to miss retro graphics. The truth is that all those games made with crude squares and pixels have something magical and romantic about them that modern games can't achieve. Minecraft was a huge hit so nobody should be surprised that clones and derivatives soon appeared on the market. Survivalcraft 2, the sequel to the game of the same name, is just one of them in which you'll have to survive in an endless world made of blocks.

Bring to your mobile device features that you love from the PC version of Minecraft.

What can you do if you get abandoned on a desert island, apart from throwing a tantrum? Well, you have to pull your finger out as soon as possible and start collecting resources because there might not be any more people on the island but there are definitely creatures that want to have you for dinner. There are loads of possibilities:

  • Design your own furniture.
  • Create piston systems.
  • Build weapons.
  • Cause havoc by making things explode.
  • Get hold of over 300 clothing items.
  • Do snorkeling.
  • Invoke lightning and thunder as if you were Zeus almighty.

You'll be able to do so many things with the resources you collect that the only limit is your imagination. So pull your socks up because you're going to need to be quick and clever.

Make customized clothes and hunt down over 30 different real-life animals to feed on about resources from.

How to play with 2 players?

This game comes along with a multiplayer mode, not only for two, but with up to three more players, using the prehistorical split screen system. For such purpose, you'll have to create a new world, choose 'Setup Player' to choose a player, and then 'Add another' to add more.

Download the APK from Malavida or from your favorite Google Play Store. However, you should know that Survivalcraft 2 isn't free and there's no demo version to try it out before paying.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.3.
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