From now on you'll be able to use instant messaging programs to share large files. Download Swapper for free and share your favorite films, series and music

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One of the biggest problems when it comes to sharing big files like films or music albums with your contacts, is that it isn't possible to do so directly by means of the instant messenger or by email, that is why we can use Swapper .

  This program uses the P2P protocol to be able to send any kind of file to our contacts, whether a video, work document or a compressed file. It's only necessary to choose what files we want to send, input the addressee's address, and press on the send button. This great service avoids that we upload duplicated files, optimizes the files and lets our contacts know that they only have to follow a few simple steps to receive the contents that we have uploaded.

  The application also allows us to create a profile page with the files that we have available to share, so that any contact can download them whenever they want.

  Don't wait any longer to share your films, music or documents with your friends, family or workmates thanks to Swapper.
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