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Sweet Home 3D is a tool to design the interior of your house. Download Sweet Home 3D and view what the furniture will look like in three dimensions

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Sweet Home 3D is an interesting tool for those people that are going to build or renovate their house, and want to design the interior, as well as seeing the distribution of the rooms and where the furniture is going to be placed. Furthermore, Sweet Home 3D is very easy to use and will make it very simple for the user to be able to design the house and place the furniture, doors, electrical appliances and everything you want to place.

The best tool to renovate your home

When you create a new project, Sweet Home 3D is divided into four parts: the furniture catalog, with all the possible rooms of the house and the different objects that they may contain; the furniture list, with all the elements that we add and their characteristics; the floor plans of the house, where we draw the different rooms; and last of all, the 3D view, where we'll see what the resulting project looks like.

By means of simple controls, we will draw the rooms on the floor plan and placing the furniture, doors, windows, stairs and other elements of our choice. Once we have seen the result from different points of view, we will be able to make a better decision.

Sweet Home 3D
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