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Download SWF Toolbox and you will be able to convert your videos downloaded from the Internet to FLV/SWF or AVI. All thanks to the features of SWF Toolbox

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Many of the videos that we find on the most important Internet websites, like YouTube and Facebook, use the FLV or SWF video format. These formats come in very handy to upload a video to a website, because they occupy very little space in comparison with other video formats like AVI or WMV.

  The only problem is that these video formats aren't supported by all multimedia players, and it may happen that we need to convert them to be able to watch them after downloading them from the Internet. To be able to carry out this conversion we can use SWF Toolbox, a powerful converter that will allow us to convert any of these two format to AVI.

  As well as being able to change their format, SWF Toolbox allows us to turn the video files into executable files that will show their contents when activated, convert all the contents of a file into images, convert an FLV file into an SWF, or even convert a file in any of these formats into a screensaver.

  Therefore, if you need a program that will allow you to convert SWF or FLV files into a format that is a lot more common and compatible like AVI, download and install SWF Toolbox.
Requirements and additional information:
This program requires that you have Adobe Flash Player installed, if you don't the application will provide a link to download it. The application places a watermark on the conversions.
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