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Synapse is very practical application and document launcher. Furthermore, unlike the majority, Synapse has very appealing interface, download it free now

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As you store files and application on your hard drive, it becomes more and more difficult to find them and launch them, because it becomes necessary to browse through hundreds of folders to find a single file. If you are looking for a program by means of which you will be able to make using your computer more dynamic, you should try out Synapse.

  It's an application developed so that, after having indexed all the contents of the hard drive, it will only be necessary to write some of the letter of the name of the file or application that you want to launch for it to appear on a list ready to be launched.

  The program's interface is rather appealing, so much that you can integrate perfectly in operating system interface without becoming bothersome. The program allows to select the kind of file that you want to launch before searching, something that speeds up the searches even more, if that is possible.

  Discover the most comfortable way to launch anything stored on your hard drive, thanks to Synapse.
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