SynthMaker is an audio programing tool that serves to create your own instruments, audio effects and sounds without writing any code on your computer

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Nowadays sound engineering enthusiasts have utilities like SynthMaker available, tools that were unimaginable up until a few years ago. This audio programming tool has all the elements necessary to create virtual instruments, sound effects, and sounds without any need to write a single line of code. Once created, you'll be able to use them by means of a MIDI controller or as a VST plug-in from any software audio recorder.

A powerful audio sequencer

Thanks to the hundreds of components included you'll be able to program any tool that you imagine. Combining oscillators, filters, and effects you will be able to create from instruments to sounds, all with a great audio quality thanks to its powerful internal engine. The instruments and effects can easily be exported, thus you'll be able to use them on any sequencer.

With Synthmaker you'll be able to reach the lowest programing level possible with this kind of utilities. This provides a total control on the behavior of the components, although it is also possible to work at intermediate and higher levels, all of which are perfectly implemented from the software's interface.

After downloading SynthMaker you'll be able to check its endless possibilities. You'll be able to build virtual instruments from scratch combining utilities, something that implies having unique and exclusive sounds in your library.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only allows you to create schematics with less than 10,000 components.

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