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With System Explorer you will be able to know what processes are occupying the system's memory. Download System Explorer free and manage your PC's resources

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If you want to known which program is using up all your computer's resources, or the one that requires as much memory as your have available, you can use System Explorer and obtain plenty of detailed information about the tasks, processes, modules, uninstallers, Windows, Services, drivers, connections and open files that are active on your computer.

  Furthermore, System Explorer searches in Virus Total and Jotti to see if any of these processes are cataloged as dangerous or viruses.

  From System Explorer it is possible to launch any process, or check the process and system activity history to have a complete view of how everything works.

  In this substitute to the Task Manager we can access several charts on which we can view everything necessary, from the use of the CPU or memory to the hard drives writing and reading rate.

  And furthermore, to make it even better than the Task Manager, System Explorer includes an application uninstaller.
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