System Restore Manager


System Restore Manager allows you to create and manage your Windows restore points and modify different options. All this with System Restore Manager

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Creating different restore points for your Windows operating system is essential. In the case of any contingency, these restore points can become a life insurance, thus organizing and managing them is vital.

  System Restore Manager is a small portable utility capable of creating new restore points almost instantly. The simplicity of the procedure makes this software a good option for any user, because the process has been simplified as much as possible. Press the “Create Point” button to create a restore point whenever you want. As simple as that.

  You'll be able to recover the contents of your PC by restoring the system from it. Choose the restore point that your want and wait for the computer to reboot.

  You can control all the restore points that you have stored with a glance, with the possibility to eliminate those that you don't want by simply pressing “Delete Selected” or creating a new one if you need it. Furthermore, you have other configuration options, like the possibility to choose a disk and establish the maximum amount of space to be used.

  Manage your system restoration points with System Restore Manager. Access the information of the restore points and complete processes in very simple steps. Furthermore, you can download System Restore Manager for free.
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