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System Silencer carries out the actions you indicate when the computer goes in to standby. Download System Silencer for free and automate many tasks

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System Silencer is an application that, as we can guess by its name, silences our system when we aren't in front of the computer. But this isn't the only function that we will have available thanks to it, because it also allows to control quite a few processes that will activate after a certain amount of inactivity time goes by.

  Once the utility has been launched, it will start working in the background in the system tray. By double clicking its icon we will be able to access the configuration from which we will have to choose the action that we want it to perform after a certain amount of time inactive, some of them are:
- Activate the mute function to silence the computer.
- Show the desktop.
- Hide the icons and the taskbars.
- Kill all the open processes indicated on a list.
- Launch certain programs.
- Minimize the selected window.
- Block the session.
- Turn off the screen.

  Download System Silencer and automate the tasks that you want to perform when you're not in front of your computer.
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