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System Tweaks is a pack of tools to maintain your operating system fully optimized. Download System Tweaks and improve the performance of your computer

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System Tweaks is an application developed to optimize how some of the operating system tools work, clean files and obsolete data, and several aspects related with the visualization quality and how the graphics behave. All the program is controlled from a very well ordered interface, that shows each one of the functions and tools depending on their use.

  The sections which the program is divided into are the following:

  - Customization: Here we can activate and deactivate the animations of the Windows interface, the functioning of the taskbar and the desktop options.

  - Maintenance: From this section we will be able to launch some processes to improve some of the system's elements performance.

  - Cleaning: That adds the possibility to delete temporary files from the system, the cookies and the old entries from Windows Registry.

  - Security: Area from where we can detect and eliminate threats.

  - Utilities: Collection of small tools related with the configuration of the operating system.

  Keep your computer always in perfect conditions, thanks to System Tweak.
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