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The Tape Puzzle game offers us hundreds of puzzles in which we are presented with problems that we will have to resolve by using a roll of sticky tape

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"A bit of tape and... all fixed!". This expression surely rings a bell. In this quirky game, we will have to solve all kinds of problems, puzzles, and riddles with a roll of tape. It is all fairly simple but is sure to make you chuckle.

There is nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of tape

Tape Puzzle is a puzzle game with simple 3D graphics in which we are presented with a range of problems and scenarios that we have to resolve by applying sticky tape to the right place. The idea couldn't be simpler, but it is pretty amusing to see the character's reactions and the effects of the tape on the objects.

In fact, playing it is so easy that the game doesn't even give us instructions. Each level will present us with a problem and one or more interaction points. Then we just move a finger across the screen and check to see if we have been successful.

Over 100 different levels - can you finish them all?

The gameplay is very easy and we can't even "lose". Basically, it offers a casual experience in order to enjoy the effects. Obviously, the download of the APK file will give us a game made to bombard us with ads... which can be resolved by playing in flight mode. But if we do that, we will miss out on the additional levels.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
3 months ago
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