Taskbar Magnifier

Taskbar Magnifier zooms into the area of the screen that you pass the mouse over. Download Taskbar Magnifier and improve your desktop's visibility

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Taskbar Magnifier is a tool that will allow you to increase the size of specific parts of your screen by simply passing your mouse over it. In the taskbar, you will see a rectangle where you will be able to see the enlargement of the area of the screen where we move the mouse. If we need to view with more detail any part of the application, or you can't manage to read the small letters, Taskbar Magnifier will help you out.

Zoom in from the taskbar

Once you install the application, you will have to activate it by means of right-clicking on the taskbar. Once you have done this, Taskbar Magnifier will appear on the taskbar. As you pass the mouse over the screen, you will see a magnified area in the toolbar.

Another option that Taskbar Magnifier allows you is to make this expansion of your taskbar: if you drag the icon of the application to the desktop a window will appear with the enlargement. Thus, you will be able to enlarge a bigger area of the screen, and adjust the size to your needs. Don't lose your eyesight due to small texts and try Taskbar Magnifier. You will be able to enlarge any area that you see with difficulty.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It only works on Windows XP.
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Antony Peel
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