Improve the Windows taskbar with TaskBow. By downloading TaskBow you'll be able to assign color to your windows and reorganize them to improve your workflow

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The majority of users tend to accumulate a large number of open windows on the Windows taskbar, and now thanks to TaskBow they will be able to reorganize them and identify them by means of colors. This lightweight application will allow you to apply various adjustments to the windows and the icons to provide your taskbar with many more functions.

Bring some color to your taskbar

Assign colors to the programs and windows to identify them more easily. Move tasks using the Drag & Drop technique to reorganize their distribution. Once you have the application open you'll be able to access the configuration from any window or button by means of the contextual menu, thus applying the pertinent adjustments to its behavior.

The Quick Launch button can also be modified with TaskBow, as well as having the possibility to add new ones. Thus, you'll be able to modify the work environment to your own liking.

Increase the functions of the Windows taskbar with TaskBow. Apply colors to your programs and reorganize them to improve your workflow.

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Antony Peel
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