Tasty Planet Lite Android

Tasty Planet Lite is an Android game in which you have to eat everything that's smaller than you in order to grow and be able to eat more and bigger things

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This game is based in a lab where researchers are trying to find a bacteria capable of wiping out the dirtiness of a toilet. That's the plot behind the app Tasty Planet Lite, a fun game in which we'll control a sticky gray being with an insatiable appetite capable of eating anything it comes across. And anything means absolutely anything.

Control a bacteria created in a lab to clean the bathroom

This is a lite version of the game created by Dinotime that offers us the possibility to control an organism that eats absolutely anything that's smaller than him. However, as he eats, he will grow bigger so he'll be able to eat even more things.

Regarding his diet, he eats absolutely anything: from toilet waste to animals, mice, dogs, cars, houses, the whole planet... Will he ever stop? If you download this APK you'll find out that you don't have to prevent him from eating but totally the opposite, you'll have to encourage this laboratory mutant to carry on gobbling up anything he comes across.

This game has absolutely eveything: a crazy plot, an addictive gameplay, and cute graphics. What else could you need?

Your mission will be developed against the clock, controlling this being around the screen so that it eats everything it comes across. Your goal is to improve your score and be capable of growing until you reach the dimensions indicated on the upper progress bar until you reach the next level.

And although it may seem very simple, you'll soon realize how addictive and entertaining this Android game really is. You'll never know when to stop because you'll always want to know how far you can go and which is the next step in this peculiar diet.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.3.
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