Telefónica WannaCry File Restore


Telefónica WannaCry File Restore is a script developed by Eleven Paths that can be used to decrypt the files encrypted by the infamous WannaCry ransomware


Script to recover files encrypted by WannaCry

May 22, 2017
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The WannaCry ransomware cyberattack affected over 150 countries and proved the vulnerability of many companies and systems when confronted with mass attacks of this nature. The security divisions of many of them immediately started working on the developed of patches, vaccines, and remedies against this malware that has caused havoc by encrypting the files of thousands of computers.

Tool to recover files encrypted by WannaCry

One of them is Eleven Paths, the cybersecurity division of Telefónica that has developed its own script to be able to fix the problem in the event of suffering an infection of this annoying malware. It goes by the name of Telefónica WannaCry File Restore.

It's a script to be run in the case of infection but its developers have warned us that it only works if the encryption process hasn't been concluded appropriately.

Just in case, you might as well get hold of a tool of this nature, as we can't discard the possibility that this ransomware may be used again in the near future since it was developed using the pack of cyberweapons of the NSA that was leaked months before the attacks.

To make sure this tool works it's important that the encryption process has been interrupted, either because the computer has been switched off or because it may have gone on standby during the process. In that case, there will be temporary files to be attacked. If the encryption process had been completed, there will no longer be any temporary files and there would be nothing to do.

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