Is Telegram X safe?

Telegram X can be considered a totally safe application. In fact, that has been one of the reasons why it has managed to lure in users from WhatsApp and become a serious alternative to the most popular instant messaging and chat application in the world.

This idea of safety is based on three different concepts:

  • Privacy: on the one hand, it offers us end-to-end encryption for our communications which prevents third-parties, and the service itself, from accessing the contents of our messages even when the latter are hosted on Telegram’s servers. In fact, to guarantee our privacy it combines an AES 256-bit encryption with an RSA 2048-bit encryption with a secure Diffie Hellman key exchange protocol.
  • Security against hacker attacks: hacker attacks are one of the great headaches for any online service provider. The message encryption implemented guarantees that nobody can break or intercept them. Or at least that’s what it developers say who are so confident that they have organized a contest awarding 200,000 dollars to anyone who proved being capable of breaking into the system.
  • Distributed servers: it uses a network of servers distributed all over the planet. Not only does this make it faster when it comes to delivering messages but it also guarantees the integrity of the data as the servers back each other up.

People are so sure about its safety that many activist movements are using this platform to keep away from any spying or police control attempts. It’s also used by criminal gangs and terrorist groups for exactly the same reasons.