Telegram Tips & Tricks: the super guide with the best help and advice

The Internet has made communication between users easier since its beginnings. As mobile devices become common, many applications offering instant messaging services have also emerged. Everyone knows that they have become a must. In fact, it has never been easier to send information to others from anywhere at any time.

Telegram is one of the most important apps for communication. This popular application, launched in 2013, has become a Swiss Army Knife that goes far beyond a simple messaging application. You can chat with bots, subscribe to channels to receive news, create groups, save files in the cloud, and even schedule messages as reminders.

In addition to its wide list of features and add-ons, Telegram has other advantages. So, if you are worried about security and privacy, for example, the company offers a completely secure service, up to the standard of its competitors. Developers have published their source code, so it can be reviewed by anyone for security holes or privacy violations.

Throughout all the guides and tricks published in Malavida, you will learn some simple steps such as how to install and uninstall Telegram, how to update the application, or, if necessary, how to delete your account. Furthermore, we will focus on some of the most important application features, such as bots, calls, secret chats, and channels. Of course, you will also learn how to take your first steps in Telegram and what its main functions are. So you will be able to get the most out of the app.

If you were looking for a good alternative to WhatsApp or LINE, this is what you need. You can download the latest version of the official app directly from Malavida in a completely secure way. The app is ad-free and does not contain integrated purchases.

How to enable disappearing messages in Telegram

Temporary messages are an interesting tool to improve privacy in your conversations. Telegram implemented this system some time ago, and in this article, we show you how to enable it in all types of conversations.


How to hide from your contacts that you have Telegram

Preventing your contacts from knowing that you have a Telegram account is very simple. If you want to prevent others from finding you in the application, follow the steps below. First, open the options side menu and tap Settings to open the settings.


Invisible mode in Telegram: how not to appear online

Telegram, by default, shares with your contacts certain relevant information about you. One of the most sensitive is your status, i.e. whether you are online or when was the last time you checked your chats. This is bad news for you, especially if you are one of those who like to protect your privacy. Fortunately, thanks to this trick, you will be able to activate the invisible mode in Telegram. Follow the steps below to do it easily.


Telegram secret chat: what it is and how to create it

Telegram offers instant messaging between users. To protect those conversations that may contain confidential or sensitive content, the app includes a secret chat. What is it? What is the difference between a secret chat and a regular Telegram chat? How can you create one?


How to import chats from WhatsApp to Telegram on Android

Telegram keeps getting bigger and bigger. Many users have started using this platform to access channels and chat with their contacts. If you have decided to switch to Telegram, you probably want to keep the content of your chats. Is it possible? Yes, and in Malavida, we will tell you how to do it simply.


Differences between Telegram and Telegram X

Both Telegram and Telegram X are apps developed by the popular instant messaging platform. Both apps are official and offered simultaneously to users, but do you know what exactly is different between them?


How to permanently delete your Telegram account

If you want to delete your Telegram account, it is not enough to uninstall the application. This would only remove the app from your phone and you would no longer receive notifications. However, your user would still be active. There are two options for deleting your account.


How to search for and join Telegram channels

Telegram channels have become valuable communication tools for media, business, and government. Its operation is very similar to that of the mailing lists offered by other messaging applications. However, there is at least one notable difference between the two systems.


Is Telegram safe?

Telegram's official application is completely secure. It does not include advertising or any kind of spyware. Therefore, by installing Telegram, we are not compromising, in any way, our device's or our data's integrity. This is because the source code is available to any developer and can be audited.


How to update Telegram

Telegram covers an essential part of our lives: communication with others. It is very important to always have the latest version because, beyond the interesting news included, it keeps our information safe. Next, we show you how to keep Telegram updated.


How to create a group in Telegram

Telegram groups let many users join the same chat. In contrast to channels, all users within a group can participate by sending messages, photos, or files. The objectives of a group can be many. For example, thanks to them, we have a space for debate, a place to have contact with all our family or share opinions with people who have our same interests.


How to make calls on Telegram

Calls over the Internet are a feature that has become very common in messaging applications. Telegram was not going to be left behind, and today, it lets us call other users of the service completely free of charge.


How to hide the last seen time in Telegram

Telegram offers the possibility of showing other people whether you are online or not or when you last used the service. If you do not want this information to be public, you can hide it. To do this, just open the main menu of Telegram.


How to install and uninstall Telegram

Telegram offers several features that make it an interesting alternative to the competition. Installing the official Telegram user is very simple. In fact, this process is no different from any other installation we do on our device. Let us tell you how to have Telegram on your phone and, in case you do not need it anymore, how to uninstall this application.


What are Telegram bots

A bot is an automatic reply system that replies to our messages based on their content. Telegram features a wide variety of bots and their functions are very diverse. It works exactly the same as any other real conversation but, in this case, it is a software that takes care of answering instead of a real person.


What is Telegram and what is it for

Telegram is an instant messaging service. It was launched on August 14, 2013 by Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Their creators set themselves the goal that the service should be, above all, fast, safe, and optimized. Its development team is currently based in Dubai.


How to use Telegram and how it works

To start using Telegram and send messages, access channels, or create groups, you must create a user. Unlike other services, to create an account, we must have a phone number. Making your first steps in Telegram is a really simple process. On the welcome screen, you must tap on Start Messaging to start.


Translated by Manuel Sánchez