How to update Telegram

Telegram covers an essential part of our lives: communication with others. It is very important to always have the latest version because, beyond the interesting news included, it keeps our information safe. Next, we show you how to keep Telegram updated.

How to update Telegram from Malavida

Before updating Telegram, you should check the version already installed on your device. To do this, find the Telegram icon in your application box and tap it for a long time. Then, select the option App info.

App infoApp info

Check which version you have installed by scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

Installed version of TelegramInstalled version of Telegram

Remember that number and go to the Malavida download page. You can do this by tapping on Download on this same page. Once you get there, check out the latest version. If the number is the same as in your device, it means that the version you have installed is the latest one. However, if it is superior, the Telegram version of your device is obsolete. To update, tap on Download.

Telegram datasheet on MalavidaTelegram datasheet on Malavida

Tap on Download again to download the installation file.

Telegram download page on MalavidaTelegram download page on Malavida

Open the downloaded file by selecting Open.

Open the APK you’ve just downloadedOpen the APK you’ve just downloaded

Finally, tap on Install. This way, the latest version of Telegram will be installed on your smartphone.

Install the Telegram APK you’ve just downloadedInstall the Telegram APK you’ve just downloaded

How to update Telegram from Google Play

As an alternative, you can get the latest version of Telegram from Google Play. To do this, perform a search for it using the search box in the Google App Store.

Google Play’s search barGoogle Play’s search bar

Write Telegram and tap on the first result.

Search results in Google PlaySearch results in Google Play

Google Play will detect that the version you have installed is old and offer you the chance to get the latest one. Tap on Update to update.

Update from Google PlayUpdate from Google Play

Once the installation is complete, you can open the application using the Open button.

Open Telegram once updatedOpen Telegram once updated

Form this moment on, your app will be updated.