What are Telegram bots

A bot is an automatic reply system that replies to our messages based on their content. Telegram features a wide variety of bots and their functions are very diverse. It works exactly the same as any other real conversation but, in this case, it is a software that takes care of answering instead of a real person.

Any user can create a bot as long as they have basic programming skills. Most bots have been developed by external developers and have no connection to Telegram.

In order to fully understand how a bot works, let's use a practical example. Now let's start a conversation with @GIF. It will search for animations or GIFs that we can later forward to our contacts. There is no official store or bot list. Therefore, we should look for them as if they were any other user. To start a conversation with @GIF, tap on the magnifying glass to search.

Searching in TelegramSearching in Telegram

Type Tenor gif search and select the second result.

Finding a botFinding a bot

Tap on Start to start the conversation with the bot.

Starting a conversation with the botStarting a conversation with the bot

Then, write the keywords for the type of gif you want in the following format: @gif [keyword]. In this example, we have used @gif cats to search for animations about cats.

Searching for a GIF with the botSearching for a GIF with the bot

Slide up to see the complete list of GIFs.

View full list of GIFsView full list of GIFs

Now, you can select any of them to forward to your contacts. As you can see, at all times, we have been talking to a bot that responds to our requests.

There is a wide variety of bots. For example, some of them show us news or what are the trends of the main social networks. We can also use them to convert documents and audio files. In addition, there are some that let you get a word definition, translate a full text, or search for an article in Wikipedia. All this without leaving the Telegram app.