If your searches over Internet don't return the desired results you can download Telescope free. Telescope can search using 38 different search engines

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Each day Internet expands faster, and due to this fact we have lots of information available, making it more difficult to find the specific information that we are looking for, even when we resort to using various search engines.

  Telescope is an application that has been designed to combine different search engines, thus making it much easier for us to find the pertinent information from a search engine. To make it search, this application uses 38 different engines, allowing us to search in six different categories: websites, image files, directories, wikis, freeware applications and news.

  The application will list a series of addresses after each search, that we will be able to order however we want and access them by using our favorite web browser. Among the most important options of the application are: the possibility to directly open the result that resembles most our search by using "Open Quickly", show the results as HTML or review the search history to look through prior searches.

  Download Telescope and change the way you search over the Internet.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Alkali Software
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