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6.5.0 Is your house full of things you no longer use? Telodoygratis is a platform to give back to the community by donating products and getting free things
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You probably have many things that you no longer use and are in perfect condition. Clothes you have outgrown, shoes that no longer fit or you only wore once, a piece of furniture that you don't need any more, toys that your children no longer want....

What can you do with all that junk? Throw it away? There is a better solution: share them with others and help create a more sustainable world. That's why this fantastic donation platform was created based on the "recycle, reuse and share" principle.

Recycle, share and take care of the planet

Telodoygratis is a collaborative app to donate things and get others for free without intermediaries. That is, it provides a service similar to Wallapop, but without money, since all transactions aim to give back and support the community.

A collaborative give-back project to get products other users offer for free.

The system is similar to that of other buying and selling platforms among individuals. Someone uploads a photo of the item they want to donate along with a short description and a location, and the item is published in the appropriate category for other users to see.

If a user is interested in an item on the platform, they can contact the donor and agree to get it. That said, this app is aimed only at those who really need things, which you should keep in mind before downloading the APK file.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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