Tentacle Locker

1.1.2 Tentacle Locker is a game that involves forcing schoolgirls wearing pleated skirts into the lockers at a high school against their will by using a tentacle
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When delving into the murky world of adult games we can find well-made titles, some that display rather dubious taste but are otherwise harmless, some that make you want to call the police, and then there are others, like Tentacle Locker, where you just don't know what to make of it.

Kidnap schoolgirls and lock them in your locker

So, we are aware from the outset that the game is meant to be a joke... or at least that is what we want to think. It is set in the corridors of a girls' school (horn alert) and we get to control a rather unusual set of lockers. When the students pass by we will have to open the lockers in order to launch our tentacles and force them in against their will.

Once in the lockers, a Lovecraft type creature uses its tentacle (hence the name) to force them to engage in sexual relations. Incidentally, listen out for the sound effects if you like movies like Braindead by Peter Jackson or The Thing by John Carpenter.

A lame game for killing some time and seeing if you are able to hit the space bar at the right moment, which might be OK for a chimpanzee but there's not much else to it. If you have landed here having specifically searched for the game, you might want to ask your mom to take you to see a shrink as soon as possible.

Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Hot Pink Games
3 months ago
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