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Terrabrowser is an application which will allow you to view the data from your GPS by means of a satellite and topographic maps. Download Terrabrowser free

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When it comes to organizing excursions and trips it isn't a bad idea at all to have access to maps which show the path which is going to be followed, in such a way that you will be able to avoid the most complicated parts if it were necessary. Thanks to Terrabrowser it is now possible to access the data from a GPS receiver and view them on a map, and even modify them and send them back to the device.

Your excusions will be a lot more secure

By means of satellite images, Terrabrowser is capable of showing its users the exact path which will be followed to move from one waypoint to the next, with the possibility to zoom in to have a more precise point of view or to move out the camera to a general view.

Use icons to indicate the nature of any interesting locations.

Terrabrowser allows to use various icons to mark the points of interest through out a route, as well as being able to write noe with the discription of each of them, something that can be of great use of guides.

What's more, Terrabrowser can be used with three different types of maps, because it includes access to satellite maps, topographic maps and urban views for the cities.

Therefore, if you want to access GPS data on your computer, you only have to download Terrabrowser free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The authors aren't resposible of the full reliability of the product.
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