Tess is a simple tool with which you can create original mosaics with symmetric shapes. Download Tess free of charge and design geometric illustrations

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Tess is a program that will allow you to create mosaics and illustrations by means of plain figures with different shapes. These plain figures will fill a space by means of isometric transformations. To sum up, creating figures and repeating them to fill in an area.

Experiment with proportions and symmetries and create awesome mosaics

To start off you have to choose a figure and a color. On the canvas, by means of the mouse, you will see the figure repeating itself in the area and size of your choice until you manage to form the shape that you want. After that, you will have to keep on creating shapes that complement those that you have already created. The figures that Tess allows you to create belong to different symmetry groups.

Once you have created your mosaic, you will be able to view what it would look like on a three-dimensional figure, like a cone or cube. These three-dimension surfaces connect mathematically with the symmetric structures of the illustrations.

Tess allows you to save your project in a native format or to export the result in DXF, EPS, WMF, GIF, PCX, or SVG.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version doesn't allow you to save the files that you have created.
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