TextRoom is a text editor the main objective of which is to avoid distractions. TextRoom has a minimalistic interface that will help the user to concentrate

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If you get distracted with almost anything, TextRoom is an ideal text editor for you. It has a nearly empty interface, thus you will only see the text that you are writing. With TextRoom your concentration will improve and you will be able to increase your workflow while writing. Even though it is a very simple text editor, it also includes various options, although they are hidden so as to make sure that they don't bother you.

Increase your concentration when writing

The first thing that you have to know about TextRoom is that when you launch it, you won't see anything except the cursor, that will indicate where you will start writing. To view the program's help file you will have to press F1. When you do so a window will open with the main keyboard shortcuts that can be used with TextRoom.

TextRoom has various options to customize the interface. You will be able to establish the background color, the font color, or launch the application in fullscreen. No elements in TextRoom will stand out and distract you from your work. You will be able to concentrate on writing and, when you need any menu, you will only have to press the help button 'F1' or use the appropriate shortcut.

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Antony Peel
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