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With The Dude you can monitor your network. Discover a simple way to manage the connections to your network once your download The Dude free on your PC

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The Dude is a free application that offers you a simple and efficient way to monitor your network. To do so, it has a great amount of options that optimize the management of your network environment and that will provide you with absolute control over it.

  Some of these functions are the following:
- Monitor and manage the connected devices, with the possibility to examine a list from which you can see the respective IP addresses, MAC and other interesting data.
- Automatic detection of the devices in each sub-network, with the possibility to configure them from the application.
- Control of the services of each one of the devices and launch certain actions based on their status changes.
- Graphic representation of the network map.
- Possibility to use commands like ping, traceroute, stats, telnet, bandwidth test,...
- Log generation.

  If you want to have an application with which you can manage your network, graphically and with total simplicity, download The Dude.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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