The Fourth Wall

Download The Fourth Wall free, a puzzles and platforms game. Use your skills as a magician to complete the 16 levels that form part of The Fourth Wall

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The prestigious Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences hands out prizes each year to the games with the greatest potential developed by a company or reduced groups of individuals. One of the most recent finalists was The Fourth Wall, a game in which the players take on the role of a wizard.

This adventure is loaded with puzzles that will have to be solved using the skills that any wizard should have.


  • Live the life of your character from childhood until he becomes a fully grown adult acquiring new skills and abilities that will help him advance in the game.
  • Find the exit to the 16 different scenarios that he will have to move through.
  • Reason your movements. Take into account the different obstacles and the character's magical skills to overcome all the levels.
  • Interact in thousands of different scenarios to find the solution: keys, enemies, platforms...

Use logic to reach the end

The Fourth Wall isn't the typical puzzle or platform game. It combines both genres, but it requires the player to put his full effort to be able to complete each level. Use logic and really think things through to overcome all the obstacles. You will need both your fingers as well as your brain to reach the final level!

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