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The Hit List is an elegant tool to create lists with tasks and improve how you organize your activities. Download The Hit List and write down what you need

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The Hit List is a practical application thanks to which we will be able to enjoy our free time more, because it allows users to organize all their daily activities in a clear and simple way.

  Some of the main features of the The Hit List are:
- Create lists of activities: projects, meetings, appointments,...
- View all the tasks that have been planned for a day with a single glance.
- Possibility to take quick notes.
- Includes a practical clock that will allow you to monitor your progress.
- Quickly accessible by means of hotkeys.
- Supports AppleScript, thus making it expandable by means of scripts.

  This tool is really effective in its mission, because it offers us a way to follow the precepts of the method known as Get Things Done (GTD) that establishes that it is very easy to organize oneself if we write down all the activities that have to be completed on some kind of support, whether a notepad, an organizer or a program like The Hit List.

  Thus, thanks to The Hit List we will be able to free our mind of all the information that we write down in the application, and it will be easier to pay attention to the tasks that we are performing at any given moment.
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