The Jukebox'er

The Jukebox'er is a program that copies the classic Jukebox with which we can listen to all our music. Download The Jukebox'er and also listen to the radio

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In the old days (and even nowadays in some countries) there used to be a series of machines known as Jukeboxes in all the gathering places, these machines normally had a large collection of songs by all kinds of artists, and the people that gathered in these meeting places could choose what song to listen to in exchange for a price.

Listen to music on your PC

The Jukebox'er is an application that as well as allowing us to listen to the music stored on our computer, it allows us to listen to the radio on the Internet, see and save videos, rip our favorite CDs and generate playlists for each occasion (cheerful for parties or calm for work).

One of the strong points of this application is without a doubt its visual aspect, that by default imitates the outside of a classic Jukebox machine, but we will be able to easily substitute it for any of the skins that are included. We will also be able to mold the sound to our own liking by means of the graphic equalizer that it includes or change the waveform visualization mode. Put The Jukebox'er on your computer and enjoy all the music that you want in a different way.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
The Jukebox'er
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