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Halfway between wrestling, billiards, spinning tops, and bottle caps games, The Muscle Hustle offers players an original and entertaining experience

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The Android catalog is full of original and fun titles. Although this Dandio Games title might seem the classic wrestling game initially, it actually offers an alternative experience with excellent gameplay. Download the APK file and join these peculiar battles with pool mechanics!

You've never played a wrestling game like this before!

Kick ass left and right with your carom

The Muscle Hustle is a turn-based wrestling game based on a very peculiar combat system. This is a very entertaining game where players won't fight in the traditional way, but rather as if they were marbles or spinning tops.

Before you start to fight, you will have to choose a fighter roster. Each one has different features in terms of attack, speed, health, power, etc., as well as a special skill.

Once in combat, the action begins. You will follow the fights from a birdseye point of view and see your wrestlers from above. Use them strategically in each turn. Drag the tops backward to make them bounce against the walls and other players to finally hit one or more opponents. The game system is very similar to billiards, marbles, or spinning tops.

Billiards style game mechanics

The Muscle Hustle gameplay is terrific. It has more than 300 wrestlers with a distinct design, a multiplayer league with real-time PvP combats, and the possibility to train players to make them stronger. Conclusion: this is an awesome game.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Dandio Games
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
113.4 MB

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