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The Origin Mission is an FPS where our mission will be to neutralize terrorist threats in modern-warfare settings and our opponents in online matches

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Many of the shooter games that we can currently enjoy are set in fictional military confrontations, but with a certain dose of reality. In The Origin Mission, despite its online battles taking us to a fictional urban guerrilla warfare setting, the shadow of a terrorist group that has to be neutralized looms large.

An FPS that follows in the footsteps of games like Counter-Strike: GO or Call of Duty: Mobile

Anyone who has enjoyed COD: Mobile or CS: GO will find certain similarities in this game and that, obviously, is a good thing. Starting with the settings that take us to urban backdrops, some of them very exotic, where we can easily be ambushed by our enemies, but can also lay traps for them. It also stands out due to its playability, thanks to simple, easy-to-use controls that make it very easy to get into the action.

Don't forget that the game also offers us the opportunity to take part in online battles against other players, which is a key feature along with others such as the following:

  • Different game modes: sniper, collaborative 5v5, solo...
  • Armory featuring dozens of weapons.
  • A range of characters to choose from.
  • Characters and weapons can be customized.
  • High-quality graphics.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
6 months ago
10 GB

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