Create your own Sim and export it to The Sims 4

May 22, 2017
8 / 10

The virtual life simulator par excellence, ahead of Second Life and others, is definitely The Sims. The latest version for Windows PC and Mac is the successful installment of The Sims 4 that comes along with all sorts of options and variants, offering us a much richer experience when it comes to simulating a new life from our computer.

And if you're into this game series, you know that you can download all sorts of expansions: City Living, Vampires, Get Together, Kids Room Stuff... but now you've also got the option to be able to create your own avatar in a standalone program to then export it to the game. We're talking about The Sims 4 Create a Sim.

Create your Sim and import it into the game to share it with your friends

It's a tool with which you'll be able to create unique avatars with many more details than in the game itself, as it allows you to be more precise with the different traits and features. You'll be able to customize their aspect and style, and even other personal details such as their ambitions or personality traits... Even their way of walking!

Furthermore, are you proud of your masterpiece? Do you think your Sim is worthy of being admired by the user community? Well, then you've got the possibility to share it online so that any other gamer can download it and use it in the fourth installment of The Sims.

The most complete app to create your own Sim.

This tool offers us a very usable and simple interface that makes the entire creation process much easier. From here, and with simple mouse gestures, you can create that character you'd love to be or that guy you hate and whose virtual life you want to destroy.

So here's the demo of this tool to create characters of The Sims, and that you can try out for free. And as you know, get loads of practice and discover tricks to create the best avatar as possible.

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