The Stroke of Midnight

The Stroke of Midnight will allow you to discover an incredible story by means of a hidden objects game. Discover the secrets of The Stroke of Midnight

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Hidden objects games have gained followers over the last few years. The basic idea behind these games is to tell a story by means of various scenarios in which the player has to find a series of objects. One of the most fascinating stories that you will be able to play in what refers to this genre, has to be The Stroke of Midnight.

  Using exceptionally good graphics, The Stroke of Midnight shows you how an American writer that has lost her inspiration comes upon a great love story in the Victorian Era that she has to tell everybody about. Ending up writing a great novel.

  To be able to discover the story you will need to move around a set of very sinister and lugubrious locations that will remind you of many of the scenarios that are described in Gothic horror novels. And as you manage to find the important hidden objects in each of the rooms you will be able to see scenes that refer to the story.

  Will you be capable of finding all the objects that are necessary to find out the story? Discover it by downloading The Stroke of Midnight, one of the best hidden object games that has been launched lately.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires an Internet connection to finish installing the game. You need to provide an email address during the installation. The demo will allow you to play for an hour.
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