The Web Blocker

2.0 The Web Blocker is a tool to block specific websites on a computer. Download The Web Blocker to be able to control how Internet is used on your PC
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The Web Blocker is a practical tool that will allow the user to block the access to specific websites. This can be very useful in particular cases, like for example, if your children use the computer and you want to prevent them from accessing websites that aren't appropriate for their age. The Web Blocker can also be used in a company to avoid users from accessing social networks for example.

How does The Web Blocker work?

To start using The Web Blocker you have to configure a password. Thanks to this, only people with proper authorization will be able to access the program. Once the application is launched you have to write the URL address of the website that you want to block and to which users.

100% free website blocker.

The Web Blocker includes other practical functions:

  • Allows you to include a website in a white list so that it can always be accessed freely.
  • We can apply Internet filters that will block groups of websites, for example, filter social networks, video streaming or game sites.
  • Lets you monitor the Internet access history files to see what the users have been visiting.

Control the access to the Internet and download The Web Blocker for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.
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