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Download TheWorld Browser free, a web browser that hardly uses any resources and offers great speed. TheWorld Browser is based on Internet Explorer

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TheWorld Browser is a discreet web browser that tries to offer the largest amount of options as possible without bloating the computer's resources.

  Based on the Internet Explorer engine, it has functions that are more similar to browsers like Opera, Firefox or Chrome, some of which have been adapted in the most recent version of the browser by Microsoft.

  Thus, TheWorld Browser is multitab and multitask. It is optimized with an "anti-freeze" feature that avoids that it blocks when a page freezes.

  Just like Mozilla Firefox it accepts plug-ins and add-ons, although you can imagine that the list is much smaller.

  TheWorld Browser has many configuration options to which we can access through an assistant the first time we launch the application.

  Just like Chrome and Opera, it has a home page with the most visited websites and some other data, that allow us to instantly access the most visited sites.

  Their developers highlight that during the uninstall process it completely disappears from our PC.

  Due to its speed and low memory bloat, it is ideal to browse the Internet from low-power computers, like netbooks.
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