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Think is a tool that will help you to concentrate on the program that you are using. Download Think and you will only see what is important on the desktop

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Think is a simple application the objective of which is to avoid that the various elements that you have installed on your computer become a distraction. In general, on our desktop we normally have direct access icons for many programs, open browser windows and antivirus messages that appear rather often. But thanks to Think you will only see the application that you are working on.

  On many occasions when we are working on our computer, we get distracted with the things that we see on the screen and that we aren't using at that moment. Or it may happen that we mistake two different files if we have too many elements on the Desktop. Thanks creates a color layer that separates the application that you are using from the rest of the elements.

  Therefore, we we launch Think we will only see a window with the application that we are working with, a color background and small configuration window for the program. With this configuration panel we will be able to choose the background color, or the degree of transparency. You will only have to choose the application that you are going to work with and the rest will be hidden.

  If with have problems maintaining our concentration and we can even be distracted by a fly, Think will help us to pay attention to what is important, separating what we aren't using from what we have to pay special attention to.
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