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ThisCrush is an application for Android that can be used to send anonymous messages to users of different social networks and that's used to pick up dates

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If you're getting old and growing a few gray hairs, you might find it complicated to understand the following concepts. Because we're going to talk about the Android application ThisCrush, that is the newest rage among youngsters to say cute things to each other but totally anonymously.

Send anonymous messages to spur your idols

So, if you download this APK, open the app, and log in, you'll come across loads of user profiles on Instagram and other services of the likes of LiveJournal where you can leave all sorts of anonymous messages, stuff like: Wow, you're really cool or Don't ever change, you're simply the best or even one of my personal favorites Take no notice of all those jealous people. Well, things like that but full of spelling mistakes.

And obviously, all the users you can send messages to aren't going to be as elegant or well-mannered as Justin Bieber. And they're all going to have their hormones on a high.

Once you discover how it works, you'll soon realize it's a bloody mess.

To all the latter you've got to add that the application is really slow and that's interface is quite ugly. And after playing around with it for a few minutes you can avoid wondering who the hell in the world would want to use this app.

Well, it was born at the break of dawn of social networks and that need to feed our ego with likes, followers, retweets, and stuff like that, while you try to pose sexy in the bathtub after having taken 137 photos until you're happy with that one picture. Wonderful.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.2.
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